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Trusted Divorce Appraisals in Elkins Park, PA, and All of Eastern Pennsylvania

Belcher Appraisal Services, Inc. specializes in delivering professional divorce appraisals for residents of Elkins Park, PA and the rest of eastern Pennsylvania. We know divorce is a difficult journey, with equitable property division being a significant concern. Our expert team, boasting over 30 years of experience, has an intricate understanding of the local real estate market. This allows us to provide a fair, precise home appraisal for divorce procedures. In these challenging times, our commitment is to bring clarity and fairness to your situation. Count on our expertise to navigate this process with accuracy, ensuring you achieve a just division of your shared property. Trust our company for your divorce appraisal needs.

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Why Choose Us?

A Family-Owned Business You Can Trust

As a family-owned business, led by a father-son duo, we are committed to serving you with integrity and respect.

Here’s why you should choose us as your divorce appraiser:

  • Accuracy: We provide precise home appraisals you can trust.
  • Experience: With over 30 years of experience, we know the market.
  • Fairness: We ensure a fair home appraisal for divorce proceedings.
  • Personal Touch: As a family business, we understand the importance of your home and your peace of mind.

Choose Belcher Appraisal Services, Inc. for your divorce appraisals. We are based in Elkins Park, PA, and Glen Mills, PA, ready to offer you our expertise and dedication